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Gabe by Anna Hackett [Review]

 Gabe by Anna Hackett
Gabe (Hell Squad #3) by Anna Hackett
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: March 16, 2017

Hell Squad
1. Marcus
2. Cruz
3. GabePaperback | Kindle
4. Reed
5. Roth
6. Noah
7. Shaw
8. Holmes
9. Niko
10. Finn
11. Devlin
12. Theron
13. Hemi
14. Ash

Anna Hackett
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Hell Squad soldier Gabe Jackson has lost everything that mattered, including his twin brother. Now he just wants to kill the invading aliens anyway he knows how…and he knows a lot of ways. Previously part of a secret Army super-soldier project, he’s faster, stronger, deadlier…but on the inside, he’s a mass of rage, and pain, and grief—all waiting for a chance to drag him under. Until he finds her.

Dr. Emerson Green had her life planned: thrive in the high-stress environment of the ER, build her career, have a great life. Then the raptor alien invasion happened. Now she’s the head of the medical team for the secret base sheltering human survivors outside of Sydney. She’s also in charge of patching up the soldiers who get too close to raptor claws. She’d never planned for this…and she’d never planned for sexy, brooding Gabe Jackson.

As Emerson uncovers clues to the aliens’ secret plans for the human race, she and Gabe collide in a storm of volatile passion. But the brooding soldier is as stubborn as he is silent, and Emerson knows she must convince him to reach out to her…because Gabe is a ticking time bomb about to go off.
Thoughts on Gabe: Poor Gabe. POOR GABE. Losing his twin did a number on him and he's gone into survival mode where he's determined to take out as many aliens as he can in as short a time as possible. Which is not a great combo, really. Because a vengeful Gabe is reckless and his recklessness puts the team in danger.

And then there's Emerson. He needs her, but he doesn't want to need her. Or maybe he just thinks she deserves better than a genetically modified soldier with a chip on his shoulder.

Not that Emerson is fazed by the genetically modified part. To her, Gabe's just a sexy, intense man who makes her heart beat faster. Unfortunately, he's not much for talking about his feelings, so she has to claw what he's feeling out of him. Even then, he remains frustratingly tight lipped until he realizes exactly what he has to lose by not taking a leap of faith and trusting Emerson by opening up.

A little more of the alien agenda is uncovered, along with a whole lot more questions. Good thing Hell Squad is ready and willing to fight until they can't anymore to try to figure out what the aliens want and how to stop them.

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A Rancher's Heart by Vivian Arend [Review]

 A Rancher's Heart by Vivian Arend
A Rancher's Heart (Heart Falls #1) by Vivian Arend
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for review
Date read: November 9, 2017

Heart Falls
1. A Rancher's HeartKindle
2. A Rancher's Song
3. A Rancher's Bride

Vivian Arend
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
This cowboy has given up on love, but the new nanny might just make him change his mind. The first in a brand-new series from New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend.

Caleb Stone is wearing too many hats and it’s making him crankier than usual. He’s a cowboy, a father, and the head of his large family—and has been since tragedy claimed his parents over ten years ago. The ranch is struggling, but it's the title of single dad that’s got him tangled up in knots. He needs a full-time, live-in nanny at the Silver Stone homestead in Heart Falls, Alberta, to help with his two little girls, but the woman about to arrive on his doorstep? Tantalizing, tempting, and trouble with capital T’s.

Tamara Coleman doesn’t regret the choices that led to losing her job, but she definitely needs a fresh start. When a friend recommends her for a nanny position in a new town, she swears this time it’ll be different. No more acting on impulse—except sexy, gruff Caleb is exactly the kind of man who pushes all her buttons. And what’s more, it’s so much fun to push his in return. Sparks fly between Tamara and her gorgeous boss, but she can’t risk her position, and he doesn’t dare risk his heart.

With two people fighting their true natures, something’s going to give. Luckily, there’s more than one way to capture a rancher’s heart.
Thoughts on A Rancher's Heart: A NEW SERIES! I adore the Coleman's and I was sad to say goodbye to them in Jesse's book, BUT IT TURNS OUT I DIDN'T REALLY HAVE TO SAY GOODBYE. Because those Coleman's are still around. Still loving one another. Still being gloriously family-centric. And with Tamara mixing with the Stone family, I expect plenty of Coleman sightings in the future.

Okay, enough Coleman squealing. Unless I'm talking about Tamara. I can squeal about her. And maybe her sisters. Because sisters.

Anyway. Tamara and Caleb. The surly head of the Stone family and the sometimes impetuous woman who accepts the consequences of her actions and resolves to hold her head high no matter what. Sliding into the Stone family takes some finesse on her part because Caleb comes with two adorable daughters who are hesitant to let someone new into their lives. Even when she's just the nanny. But Tamara doesn't back away from challenges and she works her way into the girls' affections just as surely as she works her way into Caleb.

Except Caleb took longer to admit it.

He had his reasons, of course, but he did take his sweet time coming to the realization that Tamara was the woman for him.

I loved our glimpses of the Coleman brood and getting to know the Stone brothers a little better. They're a rough and tumble bunch and I'm excited to see how their stories play out.

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Pucked Over by Helen Hunting [Review]

 Pucked Over by Helena Hunting
Pucked Over (Pucked #3) by Helena Hunting
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: March 11, 2017

1. Pucked
2. Pucked Up
3. Pucked OverPaperback | Kindle
4. Forever Pucked
4.5. Pucked Under
5. Pucked Off
5.5. Get Inked

Helena Hunting
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Lily LeBlanc isn’t versed in the art of casual sex, but after seven years in an on-again, off-again relationship, she’s definitely willing to give it a shot. And who better to try it with than her best friend’s boyfriend’s best friend? What could possibly go wrong? Nothing at all.

NHL player, Randy Ballistic, lives up to his last name on the ice and in the bedroom. His best friend and teammate has recently given up the puck bunnies and traded them in for a real girlfriend. And she just happens to have a seriously feisty, extra-hot best friend on the rebound. Randy’s more than happy to be Lily’s spring board back into the dating scene.

Casual sex is only casual until those pesky things called emotions get involved. Once that happens, someone’s bound to gets pucked over.
Thoughts on Pucked Over: I am SO AMUSED by this series. It's over the top and charmingly vulgar (VIOLET, I'M LOOKING AT YOU!) and it makes me giggle. Lily's utter preoccupation with Randy and his tattooed hand was perfect. She might not be as outspoken as Violet, but she's not afraid to speak her mind when she's around her hunk of burning love.

As for Randy, he has a hang-up or two that makes things a little bumpy between him and Lily. Heh. By that, I mean he has a few issues. His father being one of them. There's also another not-so-little thing that Lily needs to deal with before Randy can be 100% comfortable with her.

(As an aside, I never know how I'm going to feel about former man-whores being the hero. But Randy worked. He had reasons for being the way he was and it made sense.)

If spontaneous Os and tattoos are you thing, you'll enjoy spending time with Lily and Randy. They're both a little messed up (in different ways) and they need to figure themselves out in order to work as a couple. And I liked them!

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RtP's Week in Review (11/19/17)

Reading the Paranormal's Week in Review
Bookish Delights

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Write On Review-a-thon [46]

It's time for another installment of the Write On Review-a-thon. YAY!

A little about the Review-a-thon:
Brought to you by Reading the Paranormal and the #boutofbooks-ers facebook group. This monthly review-a-thon is a chance to get caught up on outstanding reviews. Bring your to-be-reviewed list, block out some time, write reviews. It's that simple.
This month's review-a-thon will run from Friday, November 24th to Sunday, November 26th.

To find out more about the review-a-thon and tentative future dates, visit the Review-a-thon page.

As for me...
Reviews to be written:
  • Wolf's Mate: Nine Month Mission by Celia Kyle
  • The Runaway Mail-Order Bride by Alexa Riley
  • The Wolf's Mail-Order Bride by Ella Goode

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Cruz by Anna Hackett [Review]

 Cruz by Anna Hackett
Cruz (Hell Squad #2) by Anna Hackett
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: March 14, 2017

Hell Squad
1. Marcus
2. Cruz - PaperbackKindle
3. Gabe
4. Reed
5. Roth
6. Noah
7. Shaw
8. Holmes
9. Niko
10. Finn
11. Devlin
12. Theron
13. Hemi
14. Ash

Anna Hackett
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Synopsis (Goodreads):
Battle-hardened soldier Cruz Ramos is running on empty. As second-in-command of the deadliest commando squad fighting the invading aliens, he doesn't know why he's fighting anymore. He's seen too much destruction, devastation, and far too much death. Still, every day he goes out to protect those humans left, and every day the growing numbness threatens to take over.

Until a mysterious woman emerges from the ruins of destroyed Sydney and saves him from a pack of rampaging aliens.

Santha Kade has one goal: revenge. The raptors who have devastated the Earth have taken everything from her: her team, her home, her beloved sister. Santha--a former police officer--has spent a year alone in the ruined city, waging her own guerrilla war. Sure, she might get lonely sometimes, but she doesn't have room for anything but vengeance. Not even for a sexy soldier with liquid brown eyes, a bone-melting accent, and a face designed to drive a woman wild.

But as Cruz and Santha join forces to rescue human hostages from the aliens, their explosive attraction is impossible to resist. Can these two warriors survive long enough to find something worth living for?
Thoughts on Cruz: The strong men (and women!) of Hell Squad are full of fighting spirit. And by that, I mean they're out on the front lines kicking dinosaur alien butt! AS ONE DOES!

In book two, we're given Cruz and Santha's story. Santha is very much a loner who's been doing an outstanding job exacting some cold vengeance on the aliens who killed her sister. Oh, and she's fascinated by Cruz. Which is totally understandable. Those two have some sparks. And when the team comes across information they need Santha's help with, those sparks heat up even further.

It just goes to show you that even a full-on alien invasion doesn't mean the lovin' has to stop.

While Cruz and Santha are extremely compatible in the sexy times department, her year in her own means Santha has some issues being a team player. Which puts her in a few interesting situations.

Good thing Cruz and the other members of Hell Squad have her back.

I'm really digging the entire Hell Squad team, but I'm DYING to get to Gabe's story. Genetically engineered soldiers in the depths of grief over losing their twin are my thang. Good thing I have the next book on tap!

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Barbarian's Redemption by Ruby Dixon [Review]

 Barbarian's Redemption by Ruby Dixon
Barbarian's Redemption (Ice Planet Barbarians #13) by Ruby Dixon
Format: ebook
Source: purchased
Date read: March 12, 2017

Ice Planet Barbarians
1. Ice Planet Barbarians
2. Barbarian Alien
3. Barbarian Lover
4. Barbarian Mine
5. Ice Planet Holiday
6. Barbarian's Prize
7. Barbarian's Mate
7.5. Having the Barbarian's Baby
7.6. Ice Ice Babies
8. Barbarian's Touch
8.5. Calm
9. Barbarian's Taming
9.5. Aftershocks
10. Barbarian's Heart
11. Barbarian's Hope
12. Barbarian's Choice
13. Barbarian's Redemption - PaperbackKindle
14. Barbarian's Lady

Ruby Dixon
Website | Amazon |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
For seasons, I have waited for her - my perfect mate.

In a tribe full of happy couples, I am alone. But I am not content to remain this way. There are no eligible unmated females left, so I will do whatever it takes to bring females back to our tribe...even if it means doing something wrong. Even if it means I must purchase my mate on the intergalactic black market. I will do anything to possess her, to claim her as my own.

But will my ruthless move turn my female against me before we ever meet? Can she ever forgive a male that bought her freedom?
Thoughts on Barbarian's Redemption: I had NO IDEA when I picked up the first book in this series I'd become so addicted to these blue aliens and the humans they rescued from an icy death. NONE. But I am. And I'm thrilled to finally get to see scowly Bek get a special lady friend.

That said, Bek doesn't go about finding a mate in the most conventional of ways. He enlists the help of the ship that brought Mardok to their planet to bring back a small group of human females so he and the other unmated males can have a chance at resonating. The women who are brought to them are slaves and that (a) doesn't sit well with Georgie and the others and (b) puts Bek in the unenviable position of needing to exercise phenomenal patience to show Elly she's safe now and can trust him.

Frankly, Elly's in a bad, bad place when they end up on not-Hoth. She's desperate and scared and she's been a slave for so long she has zero trust for those around her. Bek's highhanded actions make her feel like she's still a captive, although the circumstances of her captivity might have changed.

Buuuuut...she's smart and she watches people and she makes a conscious choice to trust her instincts even though her past experiences are telling her to stay on guard.

Ohmygoodness, I liked these two together. Bek comes to see how his actions hurt those around him and he's so darn sweet with Elly it made me all wibbly. Elly's survived a lot and she's managed to keep from being...well, no, wait. She is kinda a hot mess when they first arrive, but she rallies and turns things around. And gets the dude.

And that's what it's all about.